As a small to medium sized business owner you are a marketer, brand manager, sales manager, senior, “C” level professional who needs to develop an integrated, multi-channel, multi/trans media marketing/messaging plan that is bench marked on returning profit. The plan, must be founded on experience, constructed from a correct blend of integrated media and resulting in positive program metrics. An effective proven, diverse, digital/legacy aware, media/technology, supportive messaging, but most of all based on results (ROI and ROR)  and supported by dialogue and engagement.

Limited budgets, time, knowledge, and the need to turn a profit, constrain the attention you can pay to marketing . Your brand can grow, with a marketing partnership with someone who understand the heart and soul of starting, managing, running a small to mid-sized business. The Birch Mountain Integrated Marketing Group is that someone, a business built on the best concepts of a small business; exceptional customer service, magical customer experience and a defined and well planned customer journey and award winning international experience.