Sailing your Story!

Sailboat sales are down, AR, have captured the eyes and minds of the younger set of sailors, vacationers, potential charters and the rent-it generation, yet if you ever have gone sailing, the on the water experience is above everything. The Birch Mountain Integrated Marketing Group researched the potential markets and developed the “Sail Your Story” promotional campaign for Shardana Sailing Charters. This first-year business knew that marketing, communication and integrated promotional was the key but what promotion, to whom, when and why.

Enter Birch Mountain Integrated Marketing Group, and “Sail Your Story” how? Simply we contacted the many Commonwealth of Maryland state-based tourist groups, news outlets, hotels and restaurants. We first told them about Shardana Sailing Charters and the services they offer. Shardana needed a robust website, ( linked to an on-line booking technology, a website that would not only get the messaging across but to convey the “feeling” of the highly personal Shardana Sailing Charter experience.

From this highly successful effort, Shardana owners, Andrew and Davis developed more than a few key selected links to the local community, we expanded these links into powerful marketing winds that included PR, SEO, social media, seminars and target marketing. The winds of success soon took over and Shardana Sailing Charters has moved into 2019 with a new marketing effort, targeting corporate team-building programs, Shared Interest Groups (SIG) and other new sources of income, including a few co-marketing potential partnerships.

We have taken the concept of sailing from a dream to a reality, based on allowing the client, to Sail Their Own Story via Shardana Sailing Charters.