It’s NOT a dog’s life!

The pet care, grooming market is a fast-growing segment that seems to have for many replaced the concept of rearing and raising children, personalized services, caring for the pets and a non-restrictive environment is the key to the Wash & Wag LLC, business model.

Pet care is a true service business, one that is based on caring, highly personalized service, reputation and fierce competition. So, how does a small, woman-owned business named Wash & Wag, compete with newly arrived giant pet supply and services box stores?

Wash & wag!

Which tools, which combination of marketing weapons does Wash & Wag use; price, product, promotion and placement?

None of the above!

Birch Mountain Integrated Marketing Group added a fifth and sixth “P”, that of personality and personal services to Wash & Wags foundational marketing messaging. We developed a personalized messaged multi-level narrative, integrated with customer testimonials, local advertising, incentives, in-store promotions, seminars and social media. Early on in the marketing discovery process the decision was made not to develop a


website. Our strategy was to be personal and that is in most instances the opposite of a website – which could be a cold, non-responsive tool. We and the owner Robin wanted, demanded, engagement, dialogue. Website don’t always provide these marketing key and crucial elements, websites are often the end of engagement and a hard stop to establishing dialogue.

A daily stream of agency guided, owner developed “Living in the Company of Dogs”, related postings started the flow to build her brand and gain new customers. These postings have been so successful that a publisher has approached Robin and suggested developing a book from her experience and writings.

Proof is in the concept

Today Robin, does not look back. The marketing effort has gained traction (four legged and two-legged) but with her many furry friends, including her most favorite pet buddy, the very famous Pinky Pie, look to the future and smell expansion and expanded growth. Future success is of course never a guarantee, but with the magic touch of personalized care and offering one-on-one services, Robin will take the odds!